Angie C Releases New Single "Queen"

3000 x 3000 Angie C QUEEN approved.jpg

Angie C’s new single, ‘Queen’, was inspired by deep reflection on the topic of female confidence. “I remember there was a point very early in life, when I began to sensor my opinions and was too afraid to speak up, always walking the line of being a ‘Good Girl.’” This song seeks to explore the liberation of her voice, and a movement to empower women from all walks of life.

Angie's release plan includes a debut live performance of 'Queen' at the 2018 MakeFashion Wearable Technology Gala, where she will blur the lines between fashion tech and brainwave modulated music as part of her project 'Opus Minerva.'

“Queen” is now available for streaming and download via all major digital distributors.

Angie Coombes