A Brainwave Controlled LED Dress Promoting NeuroCAM Research


Angie C is a Calgary-based singer-songwriter, musician, and neuroscientist who is pushing the boundaries of fashion and performance by creating a brainwave controlled LED dress for this year’s MakeFashion Wearable Technology Gala (http://www.makefashion.ca). The title of her project is “Musethereal” and is designed to show the interrelation between music and consciousness. For her runway walk, Angie C will perform her debut single, ‘City in the Sky’, while wearing the brainwave controlled LED dress that will light up and change colour according to what is happening in her brain. The runway will also feature four Psyleron Mind Lamps, which will show the cohesiveness of consciousness in the room with an interactive light display.

The design of the dress is inspired by the Neuron, which is the basic cell of the human nervous system. The dress will feature LED lights that change colour according to brainwave activity as captured by the Emotiv EPOC+ EEG headset. These LED lights will be housed within specially designed 3D printed light diffusers that have been printed directly into the fabric of the dress. Other features include a channel of fibre optic fabric that changes colour based upon emotional state, and LED lights that react to movement.

For this project, Angie is partnered with the Calgary-based Branch Out Neurological Foundation (http://www.branchoutfoundation.com) to promote awareness of their organization and NeuroCAM Research (Neuroscience + Complementary and Alternative Modalities). Branch Out’s goal is to fund students and academics to engage in high quality scientific research into forms of healing and preventative care not traditionally studied by Western medicine. 

“I studied Neuroscience in University and have long been fascinated with the human brain and consciousness.” Said Angie, “I also have a passion for research and an interest in how sound can be used therapeutically. I am incredibly excited about neuroCAM research and the great work that the Branch Out Neurological Foundation is currently pursuing. With an aging global population and an increase in neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease, it is imperative that we put a focus on understanding the human nervous system and the mechanisms that underly neurological disorders, from all perspectives.”

In keeping with this, Angie has pledged to use both her Musethereal MakeFashion project and the release of her debut single, ‘City in the Sky’, (and future release of an album) to raise money for and promote awareness of neuroCAM research and the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

The MakeFashion Gala is in its 4th year of production and will be taking place on Saturday, April 2nd 2016 at the Telus Spark. Tickets are available at http://www.makefashion.ca 

Angie Coombes