Angie C Shares New Single ‘Feel Me’ Plus Official FashionTech Music Video

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JULY 14th 2019 - Innovative and emerging Canadian artist, Angie C, today announces the release of her upcoming single ‘Feel Me’, along with the release of an official FashionTech Music Video. The single, available July 19th 2019 via Rosa Rush Records, is written by Angie C ( and produced, engineered, and mixed by Trey Mills ( 

‘Feel Me’ is Angie’s fourth single release, and the song itself was formerly a Regional Winner in the Canadian Radiostar National Talent Search, placing in the Top 11 out of 600+ song entries. Esteemed Producer, Trey Mills, has brought his skills to the forefront to create a mesmerizing recording of the song that features deep bass lines, textured cello, and vocoder harmonies.

Angie is very passionate when it comes to innovation, and over the past few years, she has become involved in the FashionTech industry via the Canadian organization called MakeFashion ( She has designed and created a brainwave controlled LED dress that changes colour according to brain activity, as well as an LED catsuit that acts as a visual equalizer in response to brainwave-controlled music.

“FashionTech has very much become a part of my brand as an artist, and I hope that it will spark a sense of curiosity for my fans,” says Angie. 

Angie is bringing FashionTech to the global stage with an official music video for ‘Feel Me’, shot by Vince Raquel (, which features Angie singing in a custom-designed FashionTech gown that glows and twinkles throughout the video. The gown is designed and created by Canadian FashionTech Designer, Maria Orduz Pinto of Orduz Pinto Hautech Couture ( This one-of-a-kind collaboration is an industry first, and will be sure to capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

The video will be available for viewing on YouTube (, and the single will be available for streaming/downloading via all major distributors on July 19th 2019.

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